Profumo workshop - english
Profumo workshop - english

PROFUMO Workshop 

Innovations in Meteorology and new services for navigation on the Mediterranean Sea


March 31, 2016 - 9:00/13:30

Rome - ASI (Italian Space Agency), Via del Politecnico

PROFUMO (Preliminary assessment of Route Optimisation for FUel Minimisation and safety of navigatiOn) is a feasibility study co-funded by the ESA Artes 20 IAP programme and implemented by Vitrociset Belgium (coordinator), Consorzio LaMMA, Université catholique de Louvain and Forship.

The project has exploited the research developed by the partners in previous national and European projects. It has produced, tested and connected a series of technological components necessary to build a service for maritime navigation, calibrated on the Mediterranean basin. Overall, the system provides optimal routes and information along the routes, to reduce fuel consumption and emissions in the maritime transport and to increase the safety of persons and goods.
At the base there is an architecture of cooperative data collection from sensors on the same vessels of the service users, which feed assimilated metocean models for high precision nowcasting and forecasting. These in turn feed procedures for solving the ship-environment interaction, able to generate information which are currently missing at the scale of interest for the maritime transport and more generally for various human activities in the Mediterranean Sea.
The goal of the final workshop of the project is to present the technical and scientific achievements to the main stakeholders, in order also to promote the following steps, so that what has been developed into PROFUMO become a real marketable operational service.


9:00-9:30/ Registration

9:30-10:30/ Institutional speeches  Chair: Bernardo Gozzini (Sole Director of Consorzio LaMMA)

Roberto Battiston (President of Italian Space Agency)
Massimo Inguscio (President of Italian National Research Council)
Enrico Rossi (President of Regione Toscana)  
Luca Lotti (Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council)

10:30-11:00/ Coffee break


11:00-12:00/ Introduction to spatial applications -   Chair: Bernardo Gozzini (Sole Director of Consorzio LaMMA)

ESA Integrated Applications Promotion Programme
Francesco Feliciani - ESA
The promotion of space applications in transport
Mario Caporale - ASI
The current role of an aerospace company in the offer of commercial services
Paolo Solferino - General Director of Vitrociset

12:00-13:00/ Services fo navigation in PROFUMO: results and perspectives -  Chair:  Alberto Ortolani (Consorzio LaMMA)


Characteristics and evolution of the services
Enrico Barro - Vitrociset Belgium

From cooperative measurements to weather routing: main results of the project
Andrea Orlandi  - CNR - Consorzio LaMMA  

Energy efficiency and maritime transport
Fabio Faraone - Confitarma


13:00/ Closing

13:30/ Buffet



The PROFUMO workshop will take place at ASI Premises.
For information on the workshop venue please visit ASI website


Workshop registration

Participation is free but registration is requested.
To register for PROFUMO workshop just send an email to with your name, affiliation and details of the identity document.


Workshop Programme and project presentation

Download the workshop programme in pdf 


Leaflet of Profumo project

Download the Project Leaflet in pdf