LaMMA greatly relies on the website to spread its products and services.



Hashtags board del LaMMA

LaMMA has an institutional presence on several social networking sites. Social media channels are managed by the communication staff and not by automatic systems for content management.

Facebook: LaMMA official page is a space for presentation of the different activities carried out by the Consortium. Anyway, greater attention is given to Weather updates and comments.  

Twitter:  @flash_meteo  is the LaMMA account only deputed to weather (and climate) updates. 

Vimeo: on the LaMMA channel the daily weather bulletin is published every day. Furthermore, on Vimeo page  it's possible to find institutional videos, TV news reports and students' weather forecasts recorded during educational activities. 

Flickrphoto galleries about educational activities, projects and conferences.  


LaMMA hashtags on Twitter

LaMMA presented main Twitter hashtags used on Twitter in a specific document list to make users aware of the communication practices. Hashtags list is also available in an open document that everyone can integrate with proposal and suggestions. 


Social media policy 

Social Media Policy (in Italian) about institutional use of Social Media use.  
  Social Media Policy (updated on June 2014). 


Photo Galleries

Since many years, LaMMA has been receiving hundreds of pictures from users about storms, clouds, storm surge and weather phenomena in general.  These pictures are available in the  Photo gallery.

A special gallery was created on the occasion of the big snowfall of 17 December  2010.  The gallery is composed of more than 1700 images. Images are available on a special page SNOW Gallery that presents an interactive map where every picture is geo-located in the place where it was shot.  



LaMMA  logo

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