At the Spatial Information Systems sector of the LaMMA Consortium, Spatial Data Infrastructures and WebGIS applications are designed and implemented for the consultation and networking of geographical information as decision support tools.

Most of the spatial data managed by the infrastructure are made accessible through:

These tools allow the sharing and flow of data between the various public bodies, to avoid duplication of products and to guarantee free and easy access to the available geographic data and the related information by all potential users, be they political decision-makers, technical officials, freelancers or private citizens.


"Applicazioni Dati spaziali"

"Spatial Data Applications"
LaMMA provide tools that are usable and accessible to different user levels, whose contents can be freely interrogated and downloaded as well as implemented over time, according to shared rules and standards.


In the design and development of WebGIS applications, we have the possibility of integrating resources available on the network and local resources and of using different technologies and platforms that are, however, able to exchange information thanks to compliance with standards and thus obtain mash-ups through which spatial information can be disseminated.