COSMEMOS, Innovation in meteorology for maritime navigation
COSMEMOS, Innovation in meteorology for maritime navigation

Workshop - 23 Ottobre 2013, Livorno

COSMEMOS workshop "Innovation in meteorology for maritime navigation" combined a deep attention to the different scientific issues coverd by hte project with an active presence of professionals users, towards which comparing the capability of the project to fit main needs. 
Main topics discussed were those of cooperative and GNSS-based observations, data assimilation into local meteo-marine models and weather ship-routing, looking at the present state of the art and at the most promising directions for future developments.
COSMEMOS (COoperative Satellite navigation for MEteo-marine MOdelling and Services) is a two-years research and development project, co-funded by the European Commission, 7th Framework Programme.  COSMEMOS develops technology and services based on European satellite navigation signals (EGNOS, Galileo), to improve safety of maritime navigation and fuel savings. 
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Speakers Presentations

Gabriele Luschi, Corsica Ferries  
Needs and target of ship companies: the vision of Corsica Ferries

Alberto Ortolani, Consorzio LaMMA - CNR Ibimet
COSMEMOS: a GNSS-based prototype from observations to services. 


Frontier observing solutions for atmospheric and sea-state assessment

Torben Shueler, University of Munich
GNSS meteorology from ships as moving platform.

Andrea Antonini, Consorzio LaMMA
A Bayesian approach for atmospheric sounding from GNSS signals.

Erwan Motte, STARLAB Barcelona
GNSS-R wave measurements: the Oceanpal instrument.

Giuseppe Vinni, ITS Lab
Smart solutions for data transmission from marine areas

Carlo Brandini, CNR Ibimet - Consorzio LaMMA
The upcoming sensor network in North Tyrrhenian and Ligurian sea for waves and oceanography

Upgrading local forecasts by assimilating local data

Riccardo Benedetti, Consorzio LaMMA
“Many a little, makes a mickle”:  the concept of cooperative data collection towards the data assimilation.

Jordi MorĂ© Pratdesaba, Cataluna Weather Service
Impact of local measurements in limited area forecasts.

Thomas Schwitalla, Institute of Physics & Meteorology, Univ. of Hohenheim
GNSS and radar data assimilation in mesoscale models.


Knowledge based tools for safety and cost reduction in marine activities

Andrea Orlandi, Consorzio LaMMA
Optimization of ship routes: meteorological navigation “by numerical process”.

Andrea Coraddu, DITEN, University of Genoa
Review and state of the art of ship power, energy efficiency and emissions control, technical problems and related international rules. 

Dario Bruzzone, University of Genoa
Added resistance in waves, computational techniques and impacts on fuel consumption.

Alberto Francescutto, University of Genoa 
Dangerous phenomena in adverse weather and sea conditions:  when stability criteria need to be supplemented by recommendations to the master

Roberto Vettor, Centre for Marine Technology & Engeneering, Lisbon
Wave spectral data in ship weather routing

Fabio Schoen, Dept. of Information Engeneering, University of Florence
Algorithmic approaches for optimal ship route planning

Alessandro Grasso, RINA Services S.p.a.
Seakeeping analysis and decision support tools for ship operations

Workshop posters 


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COSMEMOS is funded within EU Seventh Framework Programme, managed by European GNSS Agency