Meterological radar in Tuscany
Meterological radar in Tuscany


Radar are still under a trial phase, the system may have service interruptions   

The map shows the reflectivity data, as  measured by the instrument, at different temporal steps so as to allow a monitoring of the evolution of the phenomena in the last 6 hours (an acquisition every 15 minutes). The time is displayed in UTC format, to calculate the current time 1 hour should be added (2 under daylight saving time). Please note that the system is still under test, so the outputs need a further verification of significance.  

X-band radar system in Tuscany  

Radar Elba: installed by the LaMMA Consortium in July 2012 at Cima di Monte (Isola d'Elba) to a height of 480 meters above sea level. The radar has been funded under the cross-border project "ResMar" Italy-France Maritime Operational program, with the aim of realize a  mosaic in which to merge radar data of the partner regions: Tuscany, Liguria, Sardinia and Corsica.

Radar Livorno:  installed by Livorno Port Authority in November 2012, the system is managed by the LaMMA Consortium. The radar is currently under a test phase.

Radar features  
The two X-band radar operate at a frequency of 9.4 GHz, and have a global footprint of about 100 km of radius each. The system provides scanning PPI (Plan Position Indicator) that scans 360 degrees of the observed area. By varying the elevation of the antenna, the radar make a vertical scan of the observed cloud system in the direction of its maximum intensity, allowing you to analyze the various layers of the cloud and estimate the relative content of rain.

Acquisition and type of measures 
The system is programmed to make an acquisition every 15 minutes; on web site can be found the last 25 image, starting with the most recent up to 6 hours earlier. The maps shows reflectivity, as measured by the instrument. Using suitable algorithms this measure can be converted into values of precipitation.

Tthe three systems will enter in the cross-border mosaic radar and in the national mosaic radar. 


RADAR COMPOSITE by Italian Department of Civil Protection