Teachers training
Teachers training

Since 2012 LaMMA works with the Regional Administration of Tuscany to offer environmental education training. Particularly in 2014-2015, LaMMA contributed to the creation of training projects for teachers and environmental education professionals on the topics of climate change and water resource. LaMMA was appointed by the Education Sector of Tuscany Region to follow the scientific supervision of the training offer, giving also some presentations. Furthermore, LaMMA curated the organisational aspects of the training in collaboration with Tuscany Region's offices. 


Recent Courses

Foto di un momento del corso Risorsa Acqua
Course about  Water resource
First training about "Teaching Climate change and Water resource with innovative training methods" was organised in 2013. the course was successful with more than 500 registered teachers and environmental education professionals. As a result, many trained teachers developed specific projects in the classroom to work on this topics.  Some of these projects were presented during specific events, like the one organised in Livorno on April 2014. -> Pianeta Galielo.
Have a look at the web pages about  Water Resource Course  (in Italian).  
Course about Climate Change 
A second course was orgnised in 2014 about Cliamte Change topic, following the same participatory learning methodologies.
Have a look at the web pages about  Climate change course   (in Italian)