In progress

GIAS aims to increase the safety of navigation in the cross-border area, in continuity with the provisions of the SICOMARplus strategic project. The fundamental objective of the project will be to help minimize the risk of collision between boats, both related to weather and linked to the presence of large sea obstacles. Furthermore, the project is aimed at increasing the awareness of the risk on the part of the users of the sea, also promoting better management of emergencies in the event of an accident.

In continuity with the SicomaPlus project, the forecasting chains of meteo-marine conditions and the dispersion and tracking modeling of pollutants and large objects potentially dangerous for navigation will be further developed with the enhancement of the joint emergency support system.

A surveillance network will also be developed with the introduction of a real-time alarm, based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, for the detection of live cetaceans in areas with a high density of ship traffic.



The project aims to work on the following aspects:

  • modeling procedures for forecasting weather-induced phenomena currently with low predictability;
  • bioacoustic detection systems of cetaceans which, associated with an artificial intelligence algorithm, will allow to report their presence on dynamic GIS maps;
  • tracking kit for large objects (animal carcasses or other bulky ones) with the production of interoperable maps of real-time tracking;
  • dynamic modeling of the dispersion of pollutants in the event of an accident;
  • modeling of the tracking of resulting obstacles;
  • communication tools (technological stations at nautical clubs, bilingual mobile application) intended for users of the sea further improved following discussions with stakeholders.