Database of the Italian disdrometer network
Database of the Italian disdrometer network
Year Type  
2023 ISI Publication  

Autori: Adirosi, E., Porcù, F., Montopoli, M., Baldini, L., Bracci, A., Capozzi, V., Annella, C., Budillon, G., Bucchignani, E., Zollo, A. L., Cazzuli, O., Camisani, G., Bechini, R., Cremonini, R., Antonini, A., Ortolani, A., Melani, S., Valisa, P., and Scapin, S. 

Rivista: Earth Syst. Sci. Data, 15, 2417–2429 




In 2021, a group of seven Italian institutions decided to bring together their know-how, experience, and instruments for measuring the drop size distribution (DSD) of atmospheric precipitation, giving birth to the Italian Group of Disdrometry (in Italian named Gruppo Italiano Disdrometria, GID,, last access: 16 May 2023). GID has made freely available a database of 1 min records of DSD collected by the disdrometer network along the Italian peninsula. At the time of writing, the disdrometer network was composed of eight laser disdrometers belonging to six different Italian institutions (including research centres, universities, and environmental regional agencies). This work aims to document the technical aspects of the Italian DSD database consisting of 1 min sampling data from 2012 to 2021 in a uniform standard format defined within GID. Although not all the disdrometers have the same data record length, the DSD data collection effort is the first of its kind in Italy, and from here onwards, it opens up new opportunities in the surface characterization of microphysical properties of precipitation in the perspective of climate records and beyond. The Version 01 GID database can be downloaded at (Adirosi et al., 2022), while Version 02 can be downloaded at (Adirosi et al., 2023). The difference among the two versions is the diameter–fall velocity relation used for the DSD computation.