Modelling the Effect of Keyline Practice on Soil Erosion Control
Modelling the Effect of Keyline Practice on Soil Erosion Control
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2023 ISI Publication  

Autori: Giambastiani, Y., Biancofiore, G., Mancini, M., Di Giorgio, A., Giusti, R., Cecchi, S., ... & Errico, A. (

Rivista: Land, 12(1), 100. (2023)




The global agricultural sector needs to implement good soil management practices, in particular to prevent erosion and to improve water-retention capacity. The introduction of tillage techniques along particular theoretical lines, called keylines, can make a significant contribution to improving the management of the soil and agricultural crops. The keyline system has been around for less than 100 years. With this preliminary work, we performed a comparative analysis of two small river basins (less than 100 ha) before and after keyline application, based on GIS computational models (TWI and SIMWE). The calculation models were elaborated starting from a DTM with 2 m resolution, obtained from a LIDAR survey. The comparative analysis, in qualitative terms, showed a positive effect of the keylines, both in terms of erodibility and infiltration of runoff water. The use of GIS models to verify the effectiveness in the planning phase can constitute a decision support system that guides agronomists, technicians, and farmers.