Educational publications
Educational publications

A list of useful materials, developed by LaMMA and CNR Ibimet, to work on the topics of climate, sustainability and meteorology in class.

A 30-day diet to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.

  The publication contains the outline for a month-long diet to reduce carbon dioxide emissions due to energy consumption. Download the publication in PDF format (Italian only). 


Climate change and sustainability. The problem and the solutions in Tuscany.

Climate change in Tuscany. An excursus on the region's points of vulnerability.  Publication produced in 2006. Download the file in PDF format (italian only).



The climate in your pocket. A guide to climate change

A brief guide, designed in part for local public administration, who can today play an essential role in the global climate challenge, by promoting truly sustainable energy and environment policies that view the territory as the most valuable resource, and succeed in creating new ties between citizens and the environment, between businesses and natural resources, between the global economy and the local quality of life. Download the publication in PDF format (Italian only).


Climate change and energy saving - let's start from our home towns


Climate changes seen from five Italian cities: Trento, Modena, Florence, Bari and Potenza. A brief excursus to observe the changes that have taken place in around Italy, weather and climate trends in the five cities, and how local administration is seeking to respond to these new environmental challenges.
The publication was produced in 2010 as part of the project LIFE+ RACES - Raising Awareness on Climate and Energy Savings.