Diffusional Modelling
Diffusional Modelling
Comprehensive forecast and analysis system for air quality in Tuscany Region
LaMMA Consortium has developed a comprehensive modelling system to simulate the concentration of the main air pollutants in Tuscany Region area, both in analysis and forecast models. The SPARTA system is based on the meteorological model WRF-ARW and on the chemical model CAMx. It consists of two different modelling chain: one running in analysis mode, the other one in forecast mode.


The modelling chain running in analysis mode is part of the Tuscany Region “Evaluation Program of Air Quality” starting from 2015 (D.G.R. 964/2015), and it has various applications:
  • Numerical simulation on long-period to support the Tuscany Region in the Annual Evaluation of the regional air quality, as requested by National and EU laws.
  • Scenario analysis to support the mitigation action plan for the effects of air pollution, in order to assess the efficacy of renovation policy
  • Support to the evaluation of the spatial representativeness of the regional air quality monitoring network


This configuration of the modelling system allows to forecast the concentrations of the main pollutants: PM10, PM2.5, NO2, O3 on the regional area. The concentrations hourly map are daily available on the web site as experimental service.