Maregot is aimed at the joint prevention and management of risks deriving from coastal erosion in the cooperation area between France and Italy. The project intends to initiate a shared planning action which, thanks to a better knowledge of the erosion phenomena and of the dynamics of the coasts, identifies optimal intervention solutions for the management of the territory in relation to the morphological and hydrodynamic characteristics of the coast.

The project is part of the 2014-2020 Interreg Italy-France Maritime Program, a cross-border program co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) within the European Territorial Cooperation (CTE).


In recent decades, the increase in anthropogenic pressure and the intervention of climate change have affected the normal erosion phenomena of the coast, with consequences that are still being studied.
The MAREGOT project will intervene in this framework. The data and techniques for detecting wave motion, the topography of the emerged and submerged beach, marine biocoenoses, remote monitoring systems (webcams, aerial and satellite photos, drones, underwater cameras) will be examined. After three years, the developed methodologies will be made available to the public, institutions and experts.


Starting from the critical analysis of existing systems and data, the most effective and innovative methodologies for the construction of a cross-border model for monitoring coastal erosion phenomena will be identified.
Geomorphological, anthropic, socio-economic and cultural factors will be considered, with particular attention to the defense of the soil and natural habitats.
The project aims to provide the administrations involved with useful skills to manage the phenomenon of erosion in an integrated manner and to seek solutions for risk prevention and adaptation to climate change.
Maregot will also include awareness-raising initiatives aimed at increasing the awareness of the targets involved in integrated coastal management.